HuoMaoTV Mid-Summer League
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The HuoMaoTV Mid-Summer League is a league organized by HuoMaoTV. Some of the best promising teams in China and Southeast Asia will compete for 150,000RMB.


Tier: Professional
Start date: 2015-07-14
ID: 3570
Date added: 2015-07-11


Number of matches on record: 56
First match started: 2015-07-14, 10:16
Last match ended: 2015-07-23, 17:09
Avg DotaTV viewers: 378
Peak DotaTV viewers: 865
Shortest match duration: 00:10:03
Longest match duration: 01:00:10
Average match duration: 00:34:09


Channels on record: 7
First stream started: 2015-07-14, 09:14
Last stream ended: 2015-07-23, 17:25
Avg stream viewers
per channel:
Peak stream viewers
per channel: