CDEC Qualifiers
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CDEC Qualifiers is one of the division in our CDEC League. The purpose of CDEC Qualifiers is discover more players who are good at DOTA2 Captain Mode. The Qualifiers is suitable for the amateur players. The Qualifiers will be held in the season cycles. Each season included two weeks of regular matches and a week of playoffs. When the season is over, the players in the top of the ranking list will be promoted to higher division which is CDEC Semi-Pro. Each season we will prepare 20000yuan for those players who performed very well in the season.


Tier: Amateur
Start date: 2015-09-07
ID: 3706
Date added: 2015-09-02


Number of matches on record: 38,579
First match started: 2015-09-07, 18:00
Last match ended: 2016-04-24, 16:00
Avg DotaTV viewers: 1
Peak DotaTV viewers: 142
Shortest match duration: 00:00:01
Longest match duration: 01:32:45
Average match duration: 00:30:15