King of the North 2016 Season 3
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The University of Manchester eSports Society brings you the thrid edition of King of the North! The online qualifier will run on February 13th and 20th. Qualifiers are open to any teams made up from university students in the UK. The finalists who emerge from these qualifiers will be invited to Manchester on March 2nd this year to play in front of a live audience at the event.


Tier: Premium
ID: 4434
Date added: 2016-02-20


Number of matches on record: 1
First match started: 2016-03-02, 18:50
Last match ended: 2016-06-07, 12:05
Avg DotaTV viewers: 5
Peak DotaTV viewers: 11
Shortest match duration: 00:41:08
Longest match duration: 00:41:08
Average match duration: 00:41:08