Learn Dota 2 Spring League

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Announcing the Learn Dota 2 Spring League, a tournament for players who are new, looking to improve, and interested in participating in organised dota at their skill level. Note that the only prize for this will be bragging rights. This will be a Captains Mode tournament for teams with less than a 3k average team MMR, and a maximum of 3.5k solo per player to keep in the spirit of new players.


Tier: Premium
ID: 4570
Date added: 2016-04-13


Number of matches on record: 1
First match started: 2016-04-13, 02:15
Last match ended: 2016-08-01, 01:20
Avg DotaTV viewers: 6
Peak DotaTV viewers: 31
Shortest match duration: 01:36:26
Longest match duration: 01:36:26
Average match duration: 01:36:26