Dotus Tournament
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Dotus Tournament is held for amateur teams , who want to develop and to gain experience of coordinated team play. Dotus allows teams to see which way they want to develop, how to build and improve their game together. At the same time, players learn to evaluate their opponents and, on this basis, build a game against them. Matches on Dotus are in those formats and the conditions under which other major tournaments are held.


Tier: Premium
ID: 4573
Date added: 2016-07-01


Number of matches on record: 1
First match started: 2016-07-01, 11:55
Last match ended: 2016-07-09, 18:05
Avg DotaTV viewers: 2
Peak DotaTV viewers: 8
Shortest match duration: 00:52:36
Longest match duration: 00:52:36
Average match duration: 00:52:36