Indonesian Dota 2 League
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This Competition has a concept to selection for Indonesian Dota 2 Team with League Division System. This Competition has a vision to bring forward the Indonesian E-Sport with a fair Competition and Equally through the Concept that has been created. To get a Great Teams who can truely selection from every single Division stages. This Competition has a Mision to Find, Develop and Create the National Teams so can compete with fair on every selection which has been made


Tier: Premium
ID: 4731
Date added: 2016-06-18


Number of matches on record: 1
First match started: 2016-06-26, 09:30
Last match ended: 2016-09-25, 14:15
Avg DotaTV viewers: 13
Peak DotaTV viewers: 78
Shortest match duration: 01:12:57
Longest match duration: 01:12:57
Average match duration: 01:12:57