LatinCup Summer 2016
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Enlace Gamer latest project by Pinzak Network investing in the LATAM market brings the LatinCup Summer 2016 an exclusive tournament for the Latin American region where each country will send their best team to represent them in a format similar to the Copa America for a prize pool of $2500.00 USD


Tier: Premium
ID: 4781
Date added: 2016-07-16


Number of matches on record: 1
First match started: 2016-08-06, 17:00
Last match ended: 2016-09-04, 02:25
Avg DotaTV viewers: 1
Peak DotaTV viewers: 10
Shortest match duration: 00:58:11
Longest match duration: 00:58:11
Average match duration: 00:58:11